Congregational Study Process

The tools of the Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN) are most effectively used as a part of an overall Congregational Study Process. Each congregation will need to develop such a process in a way that best meets its needs. This page gives some important introductory comments.  Then proceed to the Study Steps page where the five steps in the Study Process are outlined.

Hard Copy

This same information is in a printer-friendly version entitled Congregational Study Process.  It is a key document to help congregational leaders understand the proposed study process. It is recommended that you reproduce the document so that it comes out on the front and back of a single sheet of paper with a copy for each person involved.  Download this information in one of three formats.

Congregational Study Process – PDF
Congregational Study Process – DOCX
Congregational Study Process – DOC

Each step listed on the second page (back) of this paper document is also found on the Study Steps page. In this way, you can see the process at a glance from the paper document or on the Study Steps page.

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