Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN) is now Disability Ministry Network (DMN). Please visit the new Disability Ministry Network website

The survey tools are being taken down. Survey tools are still being offered by Anabaptist Disabilities Network.

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Quick Checklist

The Quick Checklist (or simply “Checklist”) is intended to help your congregation take a quick survey of its accessibility to persons with various disabilities, including mental illness.  It is a condensed version of the more detailed Congregational Assessment Survey (the “Survey”), an essential part of the larger study process.

The Checklist is intended to do the following:

  1. Give your congregation a quick overview of how accessible you are
  2. Serve as a discussion starter to encourage you to start a more thorough study process.
  3. Encourage you to make and then take action on a congregational commitment to become more accessible to persons with all kinds of disabilities.

The full Survey awards an emblem for congregations that meet certain criteria in any of the following accessibility categories:  MobilityHearing and LanguageVision, and Support. The Checklist follows this same outline without going into as much detail.

At the end of the Checklist is information on how to become a part of the Congregational Accessibility Network.


The Quick Checklist is available in these formats:


Quick Checklist – PDF Download and open in your PDF Reader


Quick Checklist Online

This is an online survey format.


Quick Checklist – DOCXDownload and open in your word processor (MS Word or compatible).


Quick Checklist – DOCDownload and open in your word processor (older MS Word or compatible)
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