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Lutheran | Congregational Accessibility Network

Lutheran Churches

Lutheran churches take their name from the 16th century reformer, Martin Luther, who is credited with beginning the Protestant Reformation and splitting the nominal unity of the Roman Catholic Church in western Europe. The Lutheran Church became and still is the state church in parts of Germany and northern Europe, but has spread to North America and other parts of the world as well.  Lutherans retain many of the Catholic liturgical practices while being very Protestant in theology.

Lutherans and Disabilities

Two major Lutheran denominations in the United States have resources on including persons with disabilities:


AbleLight operates a number of programs throughout the U.S. to enhance the lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Evangelical Covenant Church

The Evangelical Covenant Church has its roots in Lutheranism, but could also fall under the Free Church category.  See their Disability Ministries site.

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