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Reformed | Congregational Accessibility Network

Reformed Churches

Reformed Churches began through the efforts of reformers within the Roman Catholic Church in various areas of mainland Europe during the 16th century Protestant Reformation.  The theology of John Calvin helped to coalesce the movement and differentiate it from Lutheranism.  Reformed churches were state churches in various areas of western Europe and the movement spread to the British Isles, where the Church of Scotland became the parent church of Presbyterians.

In the U.S., various groups formed around national groupings and split and merged to form various groupings of Reformed Churches, Presbyterian Churches, and Congregational Churches (many of which are now part of the United Church of Christ).

Reformed Churches and Disabilities Ministries

Many Reformed Churches in the U.S. have extensive disabilities ministries and resources.  Explore these links to learn more.

Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC)

CRC Disability Concerns (U.S. and Canada) has one of the most extensive networks of any North American denomination.  See their survey tool (MS Word .doc format).

Reformed Church in America (RCA)

RCA Disability Concerns (U.S.) has a cooperative arrangement with CRC (above). Together, they have published an excellent introductory handbook, Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves, which is useful to other Christian denominations as well.

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbyterians for Disability Concerns provides extensive resources for including persons with disabilities in churches. A Congregational Audit of Disability Accessibility & Inclusion is available as a PDF file.  The Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association also has a site for Disability Concerns.

Presbyterian Church in America

Mission to North America (MNA) Special Needs Ministries

United Church of Christ (UCC)

The United Church of Christ (USA) has two sites, UCC Disabilities Ministry and the Mental Health Network.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)

C&MA developed as parallel movements out of the Holiness Movement in the Presbyterian Church. In the 20th century, it became a denomination and has grown quickly with churches around the world.

Disability Ministries – Alliance Justice and Compassion – Canada

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