Self Advocate

Self-advocacy or advocacy for a close family member is often difficult especially when it comes to faith communities.  Some persons can do this well.  Others very much need a third party, someone who is able to bridge the gap between themselves and the leadership of a faith congregation.

If you need an additional encouragement and advocacy to help you connect with your faith community, consider these ideas:

  • Contact an office, organization, or network that works specifically in your faith tradition.
  • Encourage your congregation to appoint a Disabilities Advocate.
  • Connect with others who share your concerns through a blog.  Contact the CAN Office is you are interested in blogging on the CAN website.

Advocacy Resources

Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs Everybody Serves. A good beginning handbook published by Disability Concerns, Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Christian Reformed Church in America especially for their congregational and regional advocates. Download free or order copies from Faith Alive.

More ideas

Here are some additional ideas for getting started in self-advocacy with the resources of CAN.

Resources from your Faith

Find the networks and resources that fit with your own faith tradition.

Resource Center

Find the resources to work with your congregation to become more accessible, inclusive, and welcoming.  Visit the Resource Center to get started.

Quick Checklist

Get an initial assessment of how accessible your congregation is for persons with disabilities.  Get the Quick Checklist!



Visit the Networking page for ideas for building networks with others.

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