Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN) is now Disability Ministry Network (DMN). Please visit the new Disability Ministry Network website

The survey tools are being taken down. Survey tools are still being offered by Anabaptist Disabilities Network.

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Survey Introduction

Congregational Assessment Survey

Congregational Accessibility NetworkCongregational Accessibility Network (CAN) offers the Congregational Assessment Survey tool to help congregations assess their level of accessibility.  This enables congregations to do two things:

  • Celebrate steps already taken to include persons with disabilities of all kinds.
  • Suggest additional steps that could help the congregation become even more inclusive.

Taking the survey requires a modest level of time and commitment!  You are encouraged to follow the suggested steps on the Survey Instructions page.

If you are interested in simply getting a quick overview of the Survey tool and your congregation’s accessibility, go to the Quick Checklist page.

The Survey tool is generally most effective when integrated into an intentional congregational process to become more inclusive of persons with disabilities and mental illness.  See the Study Process page for further details.

Filling out the survey generates the code for a CAN Accessibility Seal and Certificate, awarding a full color emblem for congregations that meet certain criteria in any of the accessibility areas listed on the Survey Overview.

Finally, each Survey area has a corresponding Survey Accessibility Resources page on this site where more information is available, including links to resources to help your congregation become more accessible.

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Contact CAN

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