Congregational Assessment Survey

Overview of Survey Categories and Emblems

symbol_mobilityMobility.  Accessibility to the building and grounds including parking, entrances, restrooms, and worship space for wheelchair users and others.

  • Are accessible parking spaces provided, leading to at least one accessible building entrance?
  • Do doors and faucets have accessible handles? Are there accessible drinking fountains
  • Are accessible restrooms provided? Do they provide for family or caregiver assistance?
  • Are the following areas accessible?  Halls?  Worship area? Classrooms?  Fellowship area?

symbol_hearingHearing Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) and other aids are provided for persons who are hard of hearing.

  • Is there a clear audible sound system, equipped with adequate microphones?
  • Are Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) available for persons who are hard of hearing?



symbol_signLanguageSign Language.  Sign language interpretation is provided to enable communication between hearing persons and those who are deaf.

  • Is sign language interpretation provided?



symbol_visionVision.  Visual aids are provided for persons who have low vision or are blind.

  • Is there adequate lighting in the worship area?
  • Are large print materials provided?  Bulletins?  Hymnals? Song Sheets?



symbol_supportSupport.  The congregation supports inclusion of persons with disabilities through awareness-raising, education, support groups, and provision for individual differences in gifts, behavior, and learning style.

  • Is your congregation aware of disabilities issues? (Thru’ sermons? Awareness events? Education?)
  • Are there settings, resources, and training opportunities available to help include persons with intellectual disabilities and mental illness?
  • Does the gift discernment process include consideration of persons with disabilities?
  • Are there individual and family supports such as emergency funds and caring circles?
Congregational Assessment Survey
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