Congregational Disabilities Advocate

Who in your congregation watches for…

  • Persons experiencing barriers in the congregation?
  • The “dropouts” from worship or other programs of the congregation?
  • Persons in the community being excluded from the faith community?

Perhaps your congregation needs a Congregational Disabilities Advocate!

What does an Advocate do?

The responsibilities of a Congregational Disabilities Advocate can be defined according to the needs of your particular congregation.  Here are some guidelines.

A Congregational Disabilities Advocate…

  • Promotes the inclusion of all persons, regardless of abilities or disabilities, into the life of the congregation.
  • Seeks to become aware of persons within the faith community and their disabilities.
  • Receives information and potential resources from the Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN), their denominational disabilities advocacy office and other sources to pass along to appropriate persons within the congregation.
  • Communicates with networks (regional, denominational, CAN, etc.) about the congregation’s journey with disabilities in ways that will encourage other congregations on their journeys. Examples:
    • Stories of how the congregation is including persons with disabilities.
    • Issues that the congregation is facing.
    • Resources and consultation needed to include persons with specific disabilities.
    • Resources the congregation would have to share with others in their networks.

Resources for Advocates

Congregational Accessibility Network is dedicated to helping advocates as they build bridges that make faith congregations welcoming places for all people, including persons with disabilities. As you explore this website, here are areas in which you may want to begin.

Quick Checklist

Get an initial assessment of how accessible your congregation is for persons with disabilities.  Get the Quick Checklist!

Get the CAN Seal!

Congregations which complete the online Congregational Assessment Survey receive the CAN Seal for their website.

Resources from your Faith

Find the resources you need that fit with your own faith tradition.

Resource Center

Find the resources you need to make your congregation more inclusive.  Visit the Resource Center.

The Questionnaire

The Individual and Family Needs Questionnaire allows congregational attendees to share how well they and their families feel included.

CAN Seal

Survey Tool

Have your congregation do the Congregational Assessment Survey.  See the Introduction and Overview pages for more information.

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Contact CAN

Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN)
1840 Homewood Ave.
Williamsport, PA 17701-3935
(574) 383-9398