Islam is the most recent and fastest growing of the world’s three great monotheistic religions (which include Judaism and Christianity).  Followers of Islam, called Muslims, are found in many countries around the world. Muslims follow the Qur’an, their sacred text, which they believe to be the final revelation of monotheistic faith as revealed to Muhammad, the last Prophet of Islam.

Islam and Disabilities

Resources on Islam and disabilities:


MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs) aims to establish an inclusive and accessible environment for persons with disabilities by assuming an active role in advocacy and education. MUHSEN acts as the leader in creating a better understanding of disabilities in Muslim communities and in helping build a future where those living with disabilities are not only accepted, but welcomed, valued, and empowered. MUHSEN believes that there is a place where where everyone should feel accepted, comfortable, and welcomed. MUHSEN has created a comprehensive, 3 tiered checklist that lists the various ways that a masjid can be accommodating to special needs individuals and their families.

Islamic Society of North America

ISNA has a section on their website on Promoting the Rights of People with Disabilities.  There is a section on the site of “Resources for Promoting Inclusiveness for Muslims with Disabilities.”

EnabledMuslim, a project of American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP), is an online network for spiritual and community support for Muslims living with disabilities and for their loved ones. EnabledMuslim provides them with access to relevant information about their situation and the ability to connect and sustain long-lasting relationships with others who have similar experiences
Muhsen: Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs
Muhsen is a non–profit umbrella organization serving the Muslim community to establish a more inclusive environment for persons with disabilities by advocating, educating, and implementing programs and services to improve access to Masajids and inclusion into the life of the community.
EquallyAble Foundation, founded by Mohammed  Yousuf who came from India to the United States in 1990, helps integrate people with disabilities into mainstream living by helping them become self-supporting and independent. They work primarily in the USA and India.
Disability in the Qur’an: The Islamic Alternative to Defining, Viewing, and Relating to Disability
An article by Maysaa Bazna and Tarek Hatab.  Maysaa Bazna on Islam and Disability has some further links to resources on Islam and Disability.

Improving Inclusion of Muslims with Disabilities

Muslim Mental Health, promoting research and educational activities, introducing Muslim mental health concepts and advancing culturally sensitive therapeutic approaches.
Global Deaf Muslim, working to provide services to the worldwide deaf Muslim community.
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