Living with Autism

Living with autism affects Tony’s ability to communicate and interact socially. Yet Tony is a deacon in his congregation, one who helps prepare for and serve communion. Tony was named a deacon because of his gifts of helpfulness, discernment, and encouragement. How does your congregation identify the gifts of all of its members?

Finding a Parking Space

Jim & Phyllis drive to church in a specially equipped van which requires an eight foot aisle to exit and enter.  Would Jim find a parking place to worship with your congregation?
Jolene Plays the Piano

Living with Blindness

Jolene plays the piano by ear for First Church and also reads the scripture from her Braille Bible. How does your congregation create safe space so that persons who are blind can share their gifts?

Living with Physical Disabilities

Devon is following a calling to become a chaplain. He now has a seminary degree and further training. How is your congregation encouraging the gifts of all of its members, including those with physical and developmental disabilities?

Living with a Hearing Disability

Christine tests out one of the Assistive Listening Devices that her congregation provides for those who are hard of hearing. How does your congregation assist everyone in hearing the worship services?

Living with Mental Illness

Margaret and Kristen celebrate their friendship while participating a fundraising walk for National Alliance on Mental Illness. How does your congregation support friendship and connection with members who live with serious mental illness?

Does your faith congregation
welcome persons with disabilities?

How do you know?

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The Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN) promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities in faith communities.  CAN provides tools for individuals and familiesfriends and advocates, and faith congregations and communities.

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Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN)
1840 Homewood Ave.
Williamsport, PA 17701-3935
(574) 383-9398
Founded: 2007

Contact CAN

Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN)
1840 Homewood Ave.
Williamsport, PA 17701-3935
(574) 383-9398
Founded: 2007